How To Remove Chain Link Fence Post With Car Jack

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Jauncayce wood post pulling youtube wood post fence post wood fence post. This can be done with a jack or machinery, or with a lever and some elbow grease.

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To prepare for this, dig out the soil around the post to a depth of 1 to 1½ feet (0.3 to 0.46 meters).


How to remove chain link fence post with car jack. The trick to removing a fence post is to apply force upward, so that you're not fighting the strength of the earth on either side of the buried post. They poured water (about a bucket full) at each post, let the water soak into the ground for a few and started moving the post and concrete back and forth until loose enough they could come out (i think they used a shovel to aid in moving it, but didn't dig a. Depends on how large the concrete core is around the post.

From here, it should be a straightforward job raising the jack with a little help from the digging bar. How to remove post with car jack youtube car jack wooden fence posts diy fence. Dig down a few inches and screw into the side of the post to pry it out with a lever and fulcrum.

If the concrete is smooth you may need to place some eye bolts to get something to grab. Wrapping a chain or tow strap around the post and connecting it to the jack, then using it to pull the post out of the ground. I’m an older woman who enjoys simple effective tools.

Dig around the fence post. Generally speaking, the wider the hole is dug, the easier it is to remove the post, so don't be afraid to dig the hole on the wide side. As for lifting it out, again, depends on the size of the core, if it's small, you can just grunt it out or the 2×4 lever would work well.

An old style car bumper jack and some chain to grab the post with often works. Release the tension one strap at a time (wear gloves and watch your fingers!), when all straps are done, you will have to cut the bent piece of chain link out, but its just one. Applies a tremendous amount of lifting force directly on the post, lifting it straight out of the ground.

Connecting the jack to the post with ratchet straps or some other removable connector. Weave the metal bar out from the chain link, then use pliers to remove the fence ties a few at a time. Dig out soil around the post.

Lay the chain fence fabric flat on the ground as you go. Besides being set in concrete they have also had a driveway poured around them. It may just need a little persuading to loosen the footings up.

For wire fence you will want to wrap some fence around your end post and fasten with more fencing nails. For chain link, this is the final step. You're probably going to have to dig it at least partially before trying to lift it out.

Wrap a chain around the post and use a high lift jack to pull the post out. You’ll also want to pull the chain so it sits snug around the concrete. Screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out.

Wrap the chain around the concrete footing. Even though i personally have not removed fence posts, i did watch the guys who removed and replaced our falling down chain link fence. Hi lift post popper for pulling posts and stakes all types pp 300 in 2021 fence post wooden fence posts galvanized fence post

At my own house i had exactly the same situation, put a chain on it and pulled it straight with a car by it bending at the driveway level. A while back, i saw a vid on youtube where they were pulling large concreted in fence posts out of the ground relatively easily with a farm jack and as i've got 20+ 6ft concrete posts to pull out, i bought a cheap 3 ton farm jack and a lifting sling, but the problem i've got is that the ground is very soft, so even with wood under the jack, the jack starts to sink and tilt over towards the. Now, take your steel chain and wrap it around the concrete, using the slip hook to connect the chain.

You should now have a “tail” on the end of the chain of about 12 inches in length with the. One was wrap heavy chain around post a few times as close to ground as you can get it, (wood, metal, didn't matter), place the hook so the chain had a loop, place tongue of jack in the loop with the jack on solid ground or 2x something block of sturdy wood, pump the jack and it's out. If they are large or very heavy a bobcat and some chain can usually pull them out, especially if you soak the ground around them thoroughly.

Beside above, how do you remove a fence post from the ground? However, in this case a garage runs parallel to the fence only 4 feet away with the posts leaning the other direction.

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